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Discoveries in the Making

If Bill Nye and TEDx planned a happy hour, it would go something like this. Join the UAB Graduate School for Discoveries in the Making and hear from two powerhouse PhD students, Becky Hauser and Anthoni Goodman, as they bring the cliff-notes version of their exciting research to the community.

“Controlling your DNA to treat epilepsy” presented by Becky Hauser
The goal of Becky's research is to understand how the epileptic brain uses the information stored in your DNA differently than healthy brains, and how we can use this information to develop new treatments for epilepsy.

“Hindbrain hinderance” presented by Anthoni Goodman
One of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease builds up in the brain stem before anywhere else, in a nucleus of the brain that is responsible for the brain’s excitement center. When damaged, it is unable to fine-tune the development of new memories and may be responsible for the earliest issues with memory. Until we understand how this occurs, there is little we can do to slow or stop that damage.

Earlier Event: March 12
Discoveries in the Making
Later Event: May 14
Discoveries in the Making