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Discoveries in the Making

If Bill Nye and TEDx planned a happy hour, it would go something like this. Join the UAB Graduate School for Discoveries in the Making and hear from two powerhouse PhD students, Sithira Ratnayaka and Daniel Kuhman, as they bring the cliff-notes version of their exciting research to the community.

“Targeted therapy” presented by Sithira Ratnayaka
Common cancer treatments are detrimental to those with weakened immune systems, as they are generally administered to the entire body. By packaging these treatments in a safe way, we can have targeted drug delivery which will allow for drug treatment only to cancerous areas, saving the rest of the body from harm.

“Walk this way” presented by Daniel Kuhman
You may have heard that you have a “spring in your step,” but you also have struts, motors and dampers. In this presentation, Daniel will discuss the incredible mechanical versatility in the human locomotor system by showing you that we have biological units (for example, muscle groups) that can act as springs, struts, motors and/or dampers.

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National Margarita Day
Later Event: April 9
Discoveries in the Making