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Discoveries in the Making

If Bill Nye and TEDx planned a happy hour, it would go something like this. Join the UAB Graduate School for their first Discoveries in the Making event of the year and hear from two powerhouse PhD students, Katelyn Dunigan and Raoud Marayati, as they bring the cliff-notes version of their exciting pediatrics research to the community.

“Breathing life into preterm babies” by Katelyn Dunigan
Premature infants need all the help they can get. Katelyn's research focuses on enhancing their natural defenses to help them breathe and grow a little easier.

“Knocking out the villain: Cancer invasion and metastasis” by Raoud Marayati
Metastasis is the spread of cancer cells beyond the original tumor and is the predominant cause of death in children with malignant liver cancer. Raoud's research focuses on studying the mechanism that drives cancer cells to invade and metastasize.

Later Event: February 12
Discoveries in the Making